Business Loan to: Databit Technologies

Red Fort Capital has provided a working capital loan of ₹2.4 crores Databit Technologies

Databit Technologies has received an inventory loan from Red Fort Capital to secure its inventory of modems and routers amidst the ongoing semi-conductor crisis. This loan will provide cash advances to Databit’s suppliers and comes with a moratorium and repayment schedule that aligns with Databit’s cashflows. Databit Technologies collaborates with BSNL to establish WAN connectivity for government institutions.

Red Fort Capital has extensive underwriting standards and a skilled team that enables them to underwrite inventory loans within 7 to 10 days. Their prompt and consistent loan disbursement services make them a reliable option for businesses seeking quick business loans for inventory. Businesses can apply for such loans through their website.

Loan Amount: ₹2.4 Crores

Type of Loan: Working Capital Loan

Location: Pune, Maharashtra

Disbursed in: October 2022