Financing Options for small businesses

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One of the biggest concerns for the growth of a company is managing working capital and getting a business loan.

When MSMEs approach traditional banks for loans, most have a complex process and some do not approve the desired loan amount. This is where Red Fort Capital, a reputed NBFC helps companies grow with a variety of business loans.

Financing options

 The types of financing options available for small to medium businesses at Red Fort Capital are:-

1. Term Loan

We provide secured term loans up to Rs. 10 Cr along with flexible repayment options. We believe that speed is of the essence and generally approve the loans within 7-10 days. 

2. Supply Chain Financing

Red Fort Capital aims to lower financial costs and improve business efficiencies between buyer and supplier. Under this option, loans are given based on the projected monthly profits and work order details.

3. Inventory Purchase Loan

Red Fort Capital offers inventory purchase loans at reasonable interest rates in the market. This loan will help in meeting the short term requirements of your business.

4. Receivable Financing

Receivables finance is a term loan that allows business to use their receivables against the loan amount. It is a great option for MSMEs who owe outstanding invoices for products. The primary benefit of applying for receivable financing with Red Fort Capital is that you get quick approval. It is the best option to ensure liquidity and avoid any working capital problems that may affect the growth of your business.

5. Working Capital Financing

Working capital loans are types of small business loans taken to overcome the shortage of cash to operate a business on a day-to-day basis. It generates a balance in the cash flow necessary to run a business. This loan is also helpful to deal with a shortfall of cash during the off-season or meet demand during a peak season.

6. Construction Financing

Red Fort Capital offers Construction finance for developers, contractors and sub-contractors. This can be used to fund new projects, pay suppliers’ bills, and purchase construction equipment and machinery. We offer loans based on work order and payment cycle of receipts. 

Red Fort Capital Is the Best Solution For all Types of Financing Needs

Red Fort Capital is a reliable and reputed NBFC that has been financing growth-oriented credit to businesses. With a strong investment portfolio, the company believes in quick deal closure, pragmatic returns, and long-term partnerships.

We offer various types of financing, including construction financing, term loans, receivable financing, working capital financing, and more.

One of Red Fort Capital’s borrowers is a manufacturer of polyolefin plastic used in ghee, milk, Amul powder, food delivery boxes, and other lamination products in Dadra and Nagar Haveli. Initially, we gave a term loan of Rs. 1.56 Cr for purchasing equipment. Also, we provided additional funding of Rs. 1.17 Cr to help the company manage working capital.

The company needed EMI flexibility & principal deferment and to help them, we provided a customized EMI schedule by giving them a moratorium. The loan was funded within ten days.

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